How to join?

“MASA believes that an experience is twice as valuable when shared with others and it is even more valuable if used for not only for one’s own self but for the betterment of others. Therefore, MASA aims at uniting all the U.S. Government alumni of Mongolia as well as all other Mongolian graduates of U.S. universities in using what they have learned for building a democratic society where everyone has equal opportunity to contribute. And we invite you to join us and be an Ambassador for Development.”

Qualifications for Membership

A.Membership in the Association shall be voluntary; it is open to any person who is or was a participant, recipient, grantee or beneficiary of any exchanges or scholarship/fellowship programs operated under the auspices of the United States Government.

B.The members are entitled to belong to one or more of the following membership categories:

  1. Regular member: any person who shall have completed or shall have been awarded and participated in any U.S. Government-funded scholarship and exchange programs and whose membership is approved by the Association’s Board.
  2. Non-regular members are divided into the following sub-categories:
  1. Associate Member - any person who is an alumnus/a of any U.S. university or college and who supports the mission and goals of the Association and whose membership is approved by the Association’s Board.
  2. A Corporate/Organization Member - Any business or legal entities that accept and support the Aims of the Association and assist the Association financially or in any other way and whose membership is approved by the Association’s Board. Affiliate members cannot partake in the administration and management of the Association and are not entitled to vote.
  3. Honorary Member - Any person who has contributed to the advancement and promotion of the Association and the educational and cultural relationship between Mongolia and the United States and whose membership is approved by the Association’s Board. Honorary members shall be appointed by the Board.

Membership Procedures

  1. Every Person or organization desiring to become a Regular or Non-regular member of the association shall complete in writing an application form provided by the Board and supply such other information as may be required by the Board. Applicants shall transfer the registration fee to Khugjliin Elch Kholboo account (MNT 5000370861; USD 5000370863) at the Khas Bank. If you have any questions, send email to
  2. Membership applications shall be considered by the Board, which shall have full discretion for the approval and dismissal of any application for membership. The Board shall advise the applicant of its decision within one month from the receipt of the application.

Membership Benefits

Membership of the MASA provides:

  1. A positive means for alumni to “give back” to the community and the U.S.G. funded scholar/fellowship and exchange programs; contribute to the ongoing enrichment and support of current grantees and to continue their own professional and personal growth.
  2. Access to a strong network of U.S.G. scholarship and exchanges alumni.
  3. Invitations to events and activities that connect to a strong network of international educational exchange programs alumni.
  4. Opportunity to meet and connect with current grantees.

Rights of Members

Every person who has paid his annual dues shall be deemed to be a member in good standing. Members in good standing shall have the following rights:

  1. To exercise the right to vote on all matters relating to the affairs of the Association.
  2. To propose amendments and resolutions and to vote on those presented at the Association’s Meetings.
  3. To be eligible for any office of the Association.
  4. To participate in all deliberations or meetings of the Association.
  5. To obtain the benefit of the facilities of the Association.
  6. To examine all records and books of account of the Association during business hours.
  7. To receive publications of the Association

Duties and Responsibilities of the Members

All Members and Officers shall promote the objects and purposes of the Association and shall do nothing to bring the Association into disrepute. All Members shall at all times act in compliance with the Association’s Charter and have the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. To obey and comply with the charter, rules, and regulations that may be promulgated by the Association from time to time;
  2. To attend meetings of the Association and participate fully in all activities;
  3. To pay promptly all fees, dues, and other assessments required by the Association;
  4. Every member shall give to the Alumni Coordinator and the Association’s Secretary an appropriate up-to-date address, telephone number, and e-mail. Where each member may be contacted and any member changing his address shall forthwith notify the Alumni Coordinator and the Secretary in writing of such change of address.

Registration and Membership Fees:

  1. Registration Fees (determined by the Board) are paid by the regular and Non-regular members and are submitted together with the application for membership.
  2. Annual Membership Fees (to be determined by the Board) are paid by the Regular, Associate, and Corporate members at the beginning of each calendar year. The different types of membership shall have different annual subscriptions/membership fee:
    1. Regular: 40,000MNT
    2. Associate: 45,000MNT
    3. Corporate: 100,000MNT
  3. If any Member does not pay a Subscription by the date set by the Board, that Member shall have a further period of one month to pay the Subscription. If a Member’s subscription remains unpaid after this one month period, the Member shall be considered unfinancial and shall (without being released from the obligation of payment) have no membership rights and shall not be entitled to participate in any activity of the Association until the subscription is paid in full.
  4. If any Member’s subscription remains unpaid in whole or in part six months after the date set by the Board for payment, the Board may take steps to terminate the Membership under these Rules.
  5. A Register shall be kept at the U.S. Embassy Alumni Coordinator and the Principal Officer of the Association in which shall be entered the names, addresses, and contact numbers of members of the association. The names of all persons who cease to be members shall be removed from the Register.