Alumni stories

My humphrey year at Vanderbilt university

It always gives me such pleasure and joy to remember my Humphrey year at the Peabody College, Vanderbilt University where I was blessed by new experience for educational innovation. My name is Enkhtuvshin and I received Humphrey fellowship in 2008. During my Humphrey pro-gram, I was provided with great opportunities to develop professionally and acquire the skills and contacts that are crucial to my goal of improving the current situation of the secondary and higher education sector in my country.

The Humphrey program was an invaluable experience in my life that greatly helped me to improve my research and leadership skills. After completing the program, I wanted to share all that I have learned with my colleagues and the professional community. Upon returning home, I developed a grant proposal on Teacher Li-censure Standards for Mongolia based on my Humphrey experience. In August, I taught a Grant Writing Class for pre-school education officers from the western and eastern provinces of Mongolia. Currently, I am working with the Mongolian Education Alliance on conducting training on 21 Century learning for young teachers.
Finally, I would like to share my cultural experience of Humphrey year. As a person from the biggest landlocked country, driving a canoe was not easy for me, however, I could do it with the help and encouragement of my Humphrey fellows. This was a very unique and fun experience of my Humphrey year and I wrote a small poem about it.

I will never forget my first experience in the canoe
What had I gotten myself into
A landlocked country is mine
And water for me is not so fine
However, as a good team player
And a good Humphrey Feller
I supported the Humphrey spirit
Although I feared it, I canoed it
Nancy and Dolly laughed and talked
But I refused
"Please don’t talk" I said
Be Quiet, this is dangerous
My hands were busy
Can you guess why?
They were holding the sides instead of paddles
I thanked the Buddha when we reached the ground
Thanks to my friends, I was quite proud