MASA successfully launched the first Alumni Rural Outreach program

In collaboration with the U.S. Embassy in Mongolia, MASA has launched the first ever Alumni Rural Outreach program, in the eastern provinces of Khentii and Dornod. The program aims to educate and inspire rural high school and college students, as well as youth organizations through experience sharing lectures, conversations and career counseling booths - covering topics on how to choose the right major, possibilities to study abroad, and how to get a scholarship at the school and program of their choosing.

The program has two main goals. First, to meet with high school students and youth organizations to share their inspiring stories and experiences by alumni as well as to introduce opportunities to studying in the United States. Second, officially form contact with USG alumni in each province to build relationships toward expanding the alumni network of U.S. alumni in rural area in Mongolia.

For the trip, alumni were chosen carefully to include a variety of participants with different professional and academic backgrounds. This trip covered volunteers who are experienced in the fields of marketing, international relations, finance, business administration and air transportation and law.

In summary, during our four-day trip we are happy to say we’ve met with 300+ students from 15 high schools, met 5+ youth organizations, gave interviews to four local television and one newspaper interview. We hope we’ve motivated students to believe that they can get into the school of their dreams with a scholarship, if they have the will and genuine dedication to continuously improve oneself.

Our next trips are scheduled as below.

Trip 2

  • Cities: Darkhan and Selenge
  • Date: from November 29 to December 01

Trip 3

  • Cities: Uvs and Khovd
  • Date: December or January