MASA Rural Outreach program in the Darkhan, Selenge provinces

The overall theme of the project was to help high school students select the best path for their career. Total of 12 people took part in this program and it represented wide variety of professionals working in their own field, all of whom studied in the U.S. at some point in their lives. We went to Mongolian University of Science and Technology in Darkhan province and there we did our lecture on choosing the best career path forward to more than 150 students, some of which came all the way from Khutul. We also had the opportunity to host USG alumni who are working in Darkhan and exchanged views on projects and potential future collaborations.

From Darkhan we traveled to Selenge where we visited High School #3 and conducted the same training to more than 300 students as well. USG alumni who are representing different professions such as geology, development economics and ecology, our alumni members were able to give valuable advice to the students. At both occasions representatives from the US Embassy introduced USG programs such as Flex, Education USA to the students.

We were able to donate more than 10 boxes of books that we collected through our MASA happy hour event to the schools that we visited. Overall it was a great trip full of lessons as we get to know more about the students in the rural areas, NGOs operating in different cities as well as the other USG alumni.