Alumni stories

Future Impacts of the Study in U.S. Institutes Experience

New lifelong friendships

These friendships have been formed not only with my wonderful host family but also with the people from the school, fellow exchange students and my mentors. I now feel comfortable approaching strangers and find it easy to form new friendships. I am no longer as anxious or shy about meeting new people. The building of my interpersonal skills will help me greatly in the future as I feel like I can now communicate easily with anyone.

My career goals

Having six weeks to study at the George Mason University allowed me to find myself and think deeply about what I hope to achieve in the future. The SUSI program gave me the time to decide exactly who and what I want to be. Now I know that what area I should focus more in my career.

Personal growth

Having an opportunity to travel overseas gave me a greater awareness of my own national identity. It also allowed me to widen my perspective and become self-sufficient. I am now always thinking about things from a broader point of view. My world expanded significantly and with it I have expanded as a person.