AEIF 2015 finalists have been announced!

AEIF 2015 finalists have been announced!

VOTE for the finalists from Mongolia to HELP the fellow Mongolian alumni teams to win up to $25,000! Your vote counts.

Alumni voting are between March 10-31, 2015.


Due to a myriad of anthropogenic factors, about 70% of Mongolia`s territory is undergoing desertification which has become one of the most threatening environmental issues of the country. Advantages of producing organic fertilizer by using food scraps include reduce waste generation (that eventually will be landfilled), produce soil amendments which will contribute for fighting desertification with minimum cost, reduce use of chemical fertilizers and create additional financial sources and business opportunities. However, it is still a novel and unused practice in Mongolia.

  • Empowering Women & Girls Through Entrepreneurship
    Women/girls living in "ger districts" (squatter settlements) of Ulaanbaatar city are one of the most vulnerable groups in Mongolia. While they are financially and educationally weak, they are inadequately or poorly taken care by government policy as most of them are recent migrants/settlers from countryside. The project aims to provide them with basic knowledge and skills in personal finance, business law, accounting, marketing and communications in order to build and foster stronger and more economically-resilient communities among some of Mongolia’s most vulnerable citizens.

Due to the lack of awareness among road and infrastructure engineers and policy makers, most buildings and roads in Ulaanbaatar fail to follow standards that address the amenity needs of wheelchair users. Thus, this lack of wheelchair friendly bathrooms, elevators and ramps for building entrances and curbsides, greatly restricts the movement of handicapped residents. For those places that are accessible, there is no means for wheelchair users to find out about them easily. A social map has been created in the past, but it is not adequately user friendly and accessible for wheelchair users.