2009. English For Disabled – an English language and leadership camp for people with disabilities

One of the reasons behind the general lack of understanding about the people with disabilities is the significant underrepresentation of the voices of people with disabilities in every social circle. These people do not have much chance to socially integrate due to lack of educational, employment and most importantly infrastructural barriers. For example, there are virtually no roads, public places and transportation that are accessible for people who use wheelchairs or have other disabilities. Therefore, the key to rectifying the current situation of the disabled in Mongolia is to empower the motivated members of the disabled community so that they can voice the needs and the interests of the disadvantaged. 

To this end, in summer and winter of 2009 MASA organized two highly successful English training camps for a group of physically disabled people. This English training was a clear demonstration of the determination and motivation of these people to learn, to create, and to become leaders and motivators in their communities despite the towering wall of difficulties they face at every step. Motivated by this training, five of the physically disabled people who took part in this training, applied for a short-term exchange program called Volunteer Visitor program in 2010 and received a chance to tour the U.S. for two weeks along with another five of their fellow friends learning about disability advocacy and infrastructure in the U.S.