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Wednesday, September 20, 2017   
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Alumni story
Working Locally to Protect Grasslands Globally
“Hundreds of years ago, grasslands covered more than a quarter of the planet. Today grasslands are among the most imperiled major habitats with only a small fraction remaining, and they are essential for sustaining life on planet Earth.” Says Ms. Enkhtuya Oidov, a 2002 Humphrey alumna and the CEO of Nature Conservancy Mongolia.
Mar 15, 2001
My American experience

My trip to the USA began by getting interviewed and acquiring my visa at the American Embassy in Ulaanbaatar. People with various travel purposes, ranging from visiting a student daughter, attending a Dalai Lama lecture and travelling, were queuing to get a visa alongside me. Slightly nervous, probably because of the very common con-cept among Mongolians that a "U.S. visa is extremely difficult to get," I came to understand that it is important "the visa requester herself give honest information/answers,"

Nov 25, 0201

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