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Wednesday, September 20, 2017   
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Төслийн уралдаан (AEIF)
TRY event
TRY Asia in Mongolia took place from June 26 to July 05, 2011. MASA continued to collaborate and assist the Universal Development NGO throughout the implementation of the event and helped to promote it through its contacts. On June 26, 2011, the Try opening took place on the Sukhbaatar Square and the representatives of MASA, the sponsor organizations, parents and families of the participants and other supporters came to see the group off on their 10 day travel. U.S. Ambassador Mr. Jonathan Addleton and his wife Mrs. Fiona Addleton were present at the event and the Ambassador gave a speech wishing all the travelers a safe and successful journey.
The 76 participants of the Try event divided into three teams and took off from the Sukhbaatar square on the first ever disability awareness raising international tour to Darkhan-Erdenet cities, Baganuur-Nalaikh-Tuv province and Ulaanbaatar. For many parents and participants this was the first occasion to be separated and although happy to see their children interacting and enthusiastically working for the trip, many parents could not help worrying for their children to stay away from them for so long.

During their trips, the three groups held meetings with 17 local government organizations (welfare and employment departments, public transportation departments and local health care providers and hospitals) five NGOs for local people with disabilities in each city/place, and gave live interviews on local TVs and radio stations and presentations for public in each place they visited. They also gave out 10,000 hand-outs about “independent life style” and on infrastructural standards for people with disabilities.
On July 5, 2011, the Try groups returned back to Ulaanbaatar from their trips and assembled on the Freedom Square to hold the closing of the Try event.

The leader of the Try event Mr. Undrakhbayar said at the closing that “this trip was a challenge, but a challenge that made us happy. Because it gave us an opportunity to test the strength of our determination.” He said that this was an invaluable experience for all of them because it gave the participating youth an opportunity to learn to appreciate their own strength and role in improving their own lives and the public and the government an opportunity to see the people with disabilities not just as “recipients” of assistance, but as important stakeholders and “contributors” to their own development and happiness. The participants said that their main problem during the trip was breaking the wheelchairs. Many wheelchairs were broken among the three teams, but the most number of wheelchairs broke in Ulaanbaatar. The participants said that “this is why it was important to organize such events as Try. We cannot go out of our homes without breaking our wheelchairs.”
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