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Wednesday, September 20, 2017   
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Alumni and Counsul join Forces to amplify outreach for education


in November 2010, the U.S. Embassy Consul Mr. Philip Cargile and U.S. Government

exchange program alumni met with the students and faculty of the Mongolian University

of Science and Technology (MUST) and Chingis Khaan College to give information about

student Visa procedures and scholarship opportunities.

Consul, an embassy staff, two UGRAD alumni and a MUST representative

More than 150 students and faculty attended the meetings at both universities and they

asked many questions about student visas, scholarships, work issues while studying,

what to know for student visa applications, financial support and student life in the US.

The US Consul and the alumni of the U.S. Government exchange programs answered

every question. The students greatly appreciated the information provided by the Consul

and the opportunity to listen to the real life experience of their fellow friends who have

received U.S. Government scholarships.

The attendees were also given student hand outs, a pamphlet for students about their

rights and responsibilities while studying in the US as well as some US magazines. It was

clear from the number of questions from the audience for the alumni that students really

appreciated this opportunity to hear from a fellow friend who has achieved what they all

want to do and were greatly inspired by hearing their success stories. This kind of

outreach approach really intensified the effect of the Consul’s information and gave the

students much encouragement.

After the meeting, many students expressed that this kind of lecture be organized more

often and asked if there will be a similar lecture with the Consul and alumni in the future.

PAS is planning more lectures and meetings with students at universities such as Institute

of Finance and Economy, Mongolian International University of Business and Economy

and Otgontenger university. PAS invites alumni to contact us if you wish to participate in

any of these lectures and share your experience and advice with students and faculty of

Mongolian universities.


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