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Wednesday, September 20, 2017   
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Alumni on Air: Radio programs for the promotion of U.S government Alumni and scholarship program

The Public Affairs Office of the U.S. Embassy started a series of ten weekly radio programs with the Family Radio FM 104.5 as part of its on-going efforts to promote educational opportunities in the U.S. and the program alumni of U.S. Department of State.

VolVis alumni at the Radio program, Family radio

Each of these 10 programs addressed one specific U.S. Government funded scholarship and exchange program and two alumni from that program were invited to share their experience by participating in that program. The first of these 10 programs aired on March 15 and two staff of the Public Affairs‟ Section, Uyanga A and Uyanga E, the Cultural Assistant and the Alumni Coordinator, gave general overview of the long-term and short-term exchanges and scholarship programs offered by the U.S. Embassy. They also gave advice on finding information; how to search for scholarships and where to find advice. 8 of these programs have successfully aired so far and the programs will close off with a program about the activities and goals of the Mongolian Association of State Alumni and stu-dent visa procedures. The program airs every Tuesday at 16:00 with a replay/repetition every Thursday at the same time. All of these programs will also be available on the public website of the Mongolian Association of State Alumni (MASA): masa.org.mn. Below is the complete schedule of the all 10 programs:

Tuesday, March 22 at 04.00 pm

Second program: Global Undergraduate program

Subtopic: how to prepare for a scholarship; taking the TOEFL,

writing a good essay

Tuesday, March 29 at 04.00 pm

Third program: Fulbright Masters

Subtopic: academic environment in the U.S.; different academic

expectations/ethics, research/information resources, and international

student assistance such as writing centers, and internship opportunity.

Tuesday, April 5 at 04.00 pm

Forth program: Humphrey

Subtopic: adjusting to a new culture; pre-academic language training,

bringing your family, health insurance, housing etc.

Tuesday, April 12 at 04.00 pm

Fifth program: FLTA

Subtopic: cultural diversity at U.S. universities, promoting your culture

and learning to deal with cultural and religious differences,

as well as strategies for learning English.

Tuesday, April 19 at 04.00 pm

Sixth program: SUSI

Subtopic: professional development; academic resources and

opportunities to establish professional networks.

Tuesday, April 26 at 04.00 pm

Seventh program: IVLP and VolVis

Subtopic: Establishing institutional ties: opportunity to share ex-perience and do focused area-specific study trip and establish contacts in U.S.

Tuesday, May 3 at 04.00 pm

Eighth program: U.S. scholars in Mongolia (ETA, Fulbright visiting scholar)

Subtopic: Difference between Mongolian and U.S. academic

environment, strategies for learning English.

Tuesday, May 10, at 04.00 pm

Ninth program: "giving back to the community" MASA

Subtopic: what after returning home; alumni association and

its goals and activities.

Tuesday, May 17, at 04.00 pm

Tenth/last program: Student Visa

Subtopic: visa procedures and requirements

Guest: U.S. Embassy Consular Officer

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